8 thoughts on “Wishing

  1. Great expression in every panel!

    1. Thank you. I always do my best to make the expressions match their mood/emotions… so thanks for enjoying it ^^

  2. Nice workaround for the age-old problem!

    1. I have to give credit to Brian (Huisman) for helping me defining the plot of this comic. After some sparring, he came up with the twist at the end.

  3. That was brilliant! Wisht I’d thought of that when I had that old lamp!

    1. At least you had that old lamp… I never even had one ^^

  4. Heh, I knew that joke felt familiar. Just a few weeks ago I when through thedoghousediaries archives where there was this:

    I suppose that’s the curse of following too many web comics. At some point jokes are destined to be repeated.

    1. Aaaaw… that’s one of my biggest fears! I often have an idea, but then I don’t know if it is my own idea or that I’m inspired from somewhere else (maybe even another joke/comic I read recently). But honestly, I never read this one – although it’s a quite logic solution to an ancient problem ^^

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