You’re Welcome

16 thoughts on “You’re Welcome

  1. HA HA HA. I don’t know why, but I’m cracking up at this one. I totally saw it coming, but still it made me laugh.

    1. I really doubted if I should make this one. Was afraid it wouldn’t be as funny, since it was pretty obvious what the joke would be. But glad I did make it ^^

  2. I would have just said I have been so delirious with pain I thought my arm was my leg.

    1. True, that’s what a normal sane person would have done ^^

  3. He really did walk, or roll, right into that one!

    1. Well… actually, he really did got pushed into that one 😉

  4. If at first you don’t succeed…

    1. Just keep on trying! I agree!

  5. That is a true friend 🙂

    1. Wouldn’t we all would love to have a friend like that… one who would push us of a cliff if needed 🙂

  6. Ben might not appreciate it now, but maybe he’ll thank Mojo later!

    1. Well… it’s all for the best. If Ben wants to play some games, he should at least suffered some pain first 😛

  7. Wow! Didn’t see that coming, but hilarious! :`D

    1. I just replied that I was afraid people would see the joke coming. So glad to hear it wasn’t that obvious. Thank you for your laughter, always a pleasure to make people laugh ^^

  8. Kick!

    1. Indeed… trying to think of synonyms, but couldn’t come up with other than a ‘boot’ 😛

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